5 Amazing Prefabricated Cottages that Emphasize their Natural Surroundings

Prefab is an increasingly popular choice for environment- and budget-conscious buyers. But when most people think prefab, they’re still stuck in the mindset of trailer homes. Fortunately, innovative builders and imaginative buyers are refining what it means to build prefab. These amazing prefabricated cottages incorporate clean energy and smart design to look stunning while respecting the earth around them.

1. Cute Muskoka Cabin

Plenty of prefab building embrace the modern look, but Royal Homes builds amazing prefabricated cottages that look exactly like traditional dwellings. This particular Muskoka cabin packs tons of charm into a small footprint, leaving ample room for the surrounding forest to flourish. The gorgeous masonry and emerald-green woodwork give the cottage a timeless appeal.

2. Mile-High Alpine Hideaway

When the Swiss Alpine Club needed to replace their 90-year old climbing base, they turned to an architect specializing in eco-friendly prefab work. The result is this incredible mountain hut that sits between a cliff and a glacier over 3,000 metres above the sea. Though the exterior looks cold and tough, the inside is brimming with warmth.

3. Ultramodern Forest Cottage

Danish Designer Vipp created this intensely-modern cottage to contrast the sleek and fabricated with the natural beauty of the forest. The structure comes fully furnished and outfitted for clients who want to build quickly with minimal intrusion on the earth. The giant bedroom skylight that opens to the forest canopy is definitely this home’s standout feature.

4. Secluded Desert Retreat

Contrasting with the harsh Mojave terrain, this cozy and laid-back cottage boasts tons of energy-efficient features. It was built to be as green as the desert is hot. The entire home is comprised of three separate units, each immaculately designed and beautifully furnished.

5. Stunning Lakefront Cottage

Another Royal Homes masterpiece, this sprawling Muskoka cottage has been built to blend right in with its incredible natural surroundings. The subtle green siding, extensive masonry and natural woodwork is flush with the forest around it. The entire back wall of the cottage is full of windows to maximize natural light and provide a panoramic view of the lakefront. The rock garden takes full advantage of the rugged Muskoka terrain, beautifying the backyard without taming nature.

And, like all Royal Homes, it looks nothing like what you’d think of as prefab. There’s not a trace of the factory floor in this home – at least not where you can see it. On the inside, this cottage is super energy-efficient thanks to precision building techniques and a superior seal.

5 Different Ways To Make Travel Less Toxic

Traveling should be a pleasant experience. Nonetheless, the insignificant thought of an escape can send you into an anxiety-induced state that will influence you to re-evaluate traveling in any case. We get it: some stress is inescapable, yet fortunately, there are a lot of approaches to decrease the pressure of going on a trip.


  1. Pack Smart.

Try not to depend on your memory when preparing and packing. Make a checklist. Look it over again before you pack your things just to ensure everything on the list are present, and you don’t forget anything important. Choose what to bring on your carry-on. Most of it should be important and easy to access.  These necessities include your passport, plane ticket, cellphone, map of where you will travel, toiletries (mini size for carry-on) and a change of clothes if you need to change (or your luggage gets lost).


  1. Choose Non-Peak Times For Trips

If you’re the type of person who feels uneasy in crowded places, abstain from traveling in July, November and December. Arranging your get-away amid non-peak travel times generally implies shorter TSA lines, lower airfares, and most importantly, less pressure.


  1. Know your credit limit

Many credit cards convey a type of travel insurance. For example, rental auto protection, trip dropping, lost gear scope and that’s just the beginning. It could give you genuine feelings of security — and spare you time and cash down the line.


  1. Make An Itinerary

Make sure the area of your hotel can guarantee that you can get there easily and are flying into the best terminal, particularly if your travel city has two choices. Also, if you have a layover and have a second or third flight to board, don’t plan flights with tight layover times. You will stress over making that flight the entire time.


  1. Arrive before the actual arranged time

It sounds so natural, however, we see individuals all the time scrambling at the terminal. The more we travel, the more we understand that anything can happen at whichever time. We’ve seen individuals at the parking area whining that their flight is leaving in under 60 minutes. Make sure you arrive early. Suggested time arrive at the airport is 3 hours prior to departure time for international flights and 2 hours for domestic.